Principle Services

The Campbell Asia Pacific (CAP) provides a comprehensive range of services designed to assure its Clients that their purchased products and services consistently comply with specification requirements and are delivered in a timely manner.

CAP offers the following services, broadly categorised as:


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Supplier Quality Assurance comprises six separate service areas, namely:

Technical Survey
Quality System Audit
Design Appraisal
Engineering Inspection - See also overview.....
Compliance Audit
Expediting - See also overview.....

The Group's Clients are generally the OWNER, USER or BUYER of the items. ITEM is used as the generic term for materials, equipment, products and services. SUPPLIER is used as the generic term for the FABRICATOR, MANUFACTURER, BUILDER or CONTRACTOR.[top]

Technical Survey

Prior to the award of the initial purchase order to a Supplier it is customary throughout the industry to conduct a Technical survey.

CAP has developed detailed instructions for its personnel to ensure that surveys are conducted in a planned and structured manner. These include comprehensive checklists for the examination of the Supplier's organisation.

The scope of the survey depends on the requirements of the Client, but could include:

  • Quality system
  • Design & engineering capabilities
  • Production facilities
  • Production capacity
  • Financial background
Unlike for a Supplier Quality System Audit, the Supplier need not neccessarily have a quality system in place in accordance with a recognised standard in order for its quality system to be examined. >>back

Quality System Audit

This is an appraisal activity consisting of a systematic investigation to ascertain the degree of compliance of the Supplier's quality system against the requirements of a standard such as ISO 9000. The Supplier is required to have in place a documented quality system.

A Quality System Audit is generally conducted PRIOR to the award of a purchase order or contract and the purchase order or contract requirements can be used as the basis of evaluation. >>back

Design Appraisal

CAP undertakes design reviews for pressure vessels and other process equipment to verify compliance with Code & Specification requirements.

This review includes an appraisal of the following:

  • Design specifications
  • Thickness of pressure parts
  • Reinforcement provided for vessel openings
  • Number & size of inspection openings
  • Flange ratings
  • Nozzle sizes and minimum wall thickness
  • Strength of attachment welds
  • Test pressure proposals
  • Special requirements

Design drawings and calculation sheets are endorsed after review and the Client is advised of any non-conformances and amendments suggested as applicable.

Equipment covered include:

  • Pressure vessels
  • Heat exchangers
  • Boilers
  • Condensers
  • Reactor towers
  • Storage tanks

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